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How to Clean Soft-Shell Crabs The soft-shell crabs are the crabs that have just shed the exoskeleton and are now soft. Many people like these sea creatures because they can be used to make delicious meals. There are many cooking methods that can be employed in making the soft-shell crabs. You are supposed to know that you can play with different spices to make what suits your needs. It is necessary to have in mind that there are some of them that can be purchased in a semi-prepared condition while others are bought fresh. Being that the hard part is not there, the seafood can be consumed whole. There are certain parts that must be removed however to have the best out of this. It is essential to have in mind that he crabs are not supposed to be kept longer than 24 hours before they are prepared as they will go bad. The outlined procedure will help now how to prepare fresh crab. The first thing that you are supposed to do is to cut off the face. It is necessary to know that cutting off these parts is a way of preparing the crab ready for the cooking process. One is supposed to have the cutting done at least a quarter inch wide strip. It is recommended that you do the stripping using a sharp kitchen shear or a knife. One is supposed to cut the crab’s head fast and in an accurate manner.
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Individuals who consider this unethical will not do it themselves. One is advised to have someone who is an expert here to deal with the work. It is required that you go through the process alone when you are just about to cook it so that you eat something cool.
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One is required to deal with the gills once you have defaced the crab. One is supposed to lift the top corners so that they can access the gills. These parts are nasty in taste, and they are not edible. Due to this act, it is essential to get rid of them completely. You are expected to lift both sides so that you are sure all the gills are safely removed from the animal. Make sure that you remove them from the origin so that nothing is left. The other thing that you are meant to deal with is the apron. One is encouraged to turn the animal underside so that they can reach the apron and get rid of it entirely. The flap is usually long and wide in female crabs and wider in male ones. It is required that you have it removed completely.